Who is the PMA?

The PMA is the association of paraglider manufacturers.

PMA members:
ADVANCE, BGD, Dudek, Edelrid,  Flymaster Avionics, Gelvenor Textil, Gin Gliders, Gradient, Liros, Niviuk, PapeshSky Paragliders, Sky Sport Lanka, SOL Paragliders, SupAir, Swing, Turnpoint, UTT, U-turn, Woody Valley

PMA Apr. 2017

What are the goals of the PMA?

The PMA is the worldwide association of manufacturers of paraglider and paramotor systems, as well as the supplier. PMA represents the interests of its members at pilots associations, authorities and other institutions as an industrial association. The PMA also ensures the exchange of the members among themselves in safety and technical questions.
All members have committed themselves to apply the highest standard of industrial manufacture of their equipment and actively rise the safety of the pilots.

We all care about safety!

Several members of the PMA have been represented in the CEN / TC136 / WG-6 EN-standards for years to contribute their expertise. Also at the table are the representatives of the national pilots' associations and the test center. In the end, only standards can be adopted that are supported by all parties involved.

By far, the manufacturers do not comply with all requirements in the WG-6, which is probably also sometimes good. The influence of the EHPU (Association of European pilots associations) is already considerable. The convener of the WG-6 is also Chairman of the EHPU Airworthiness Committee.

The EN standardization is consensus work. The more sad, if one federation regularly steps out of this consensus to make its own thing! This is not only against the EN-Standard they also had worked on, this is also against the EHPU and this for against the pilots and manufacturer.
Every day more than 4 dozen test pilots, constructors and designers of the PMA members work to minimize the risks of paragliding, give pilots a better feeling in use and optimize the performance of the equipment.

there is only ONE Standard necessary for the safety of paraglider - PMA supports the EN-Standard and the work of the WG-6 - Thanks to all the experts for their not paid free working hours to support the safety!


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Fixed loop connections have not been cut off in any of the tests, compared to connections with Maillon Rapide!

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Annual job advertisement PMA secretary

As a result of the last annual general meeting of the PMA, it was resolved to tender the PMA secretary every year new and public. Irrespective of whether or not the respective owner will be available.

Accordingly, the PMA hereby declares the secretary (m / w) publicly:

The PMA was founded in 2008 and exists as a registered association under Swiss law.

The secretary is directly subordinated to the PMA Management Board and is helping him with the work. The secretary is not entitled to vote within the framework of internal PMA votes. Representation allowance for the activity is remunerated with compensation.

He / she is responsible for reporting to the PMA Management Board,
• for the management of the PMA office in free local elections without employees,
• for the preparation and follow-up of the annual general meeting and online proceedings,
• for the implementation of the association objectives, in particular the implementation of the resolutions of the members and the PMA board.

Another key aspect of the activity is the contact with European institutions and authorities, which exhibit in their responsibilities overlaps with the aims of the PMA.
In close coordination with the PMA Board, he / she ensures the representation of the members' interests in the public as well as to national and European authorities and associations.

The PMA speaks to persons, with as much economically or technical studies or comparable training as possible, as well as several years of experience in the paragliding industry and the PR area. You should have already been in a leading position. Ideally you are an avid air-athlete yourself. In addition, you should be familiar with the instruments of a modern club management and experience with the external representation of organizations. Leadership skills, negotiation skills, pronounced moderation skills and English-speaking English are also a prerequisite.

In-depth knowledge of European political connections and decision-making processes are required. Suggestions for the strategic development of the association, considering opportunities and risks, are expected.

If you are interested in this job, we ask you for a meaningful application (letter of motivation, detailed CV, certificates / certificates) with a financial presentation and the earliest possible date of entry exclusively in electronic form (PDF) under the keyword "PMA Sekretär 2017" until 15th Aug. 2017 to - infop-m-a.info -

Discretion and adherence to non-proprietary securities are self-evident.

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