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PMA March 2018

What are the goals of the PMA?

The PMA is the worldwide association of manufacturers of paraglider and paramotor systems, as well as the supplier. PMA represents the interests of its members at pilots associations, authorities and other institutions as an industrial association. The PMA also ensures the exchange of the members among themselves in safety and technical questions.
All members have committed themselves to apply the highest standard of industrial manufacture of their equipment and actively rise the safety of the pilots.

We all care about safety!

Several members of the PMA have been represented in the CEN / TC136 / WG-6 EN-standards for years to contribute their expertise. Also at the table are the representatives of the national pilots' associations and the test center. In the end, only standards can be adopted that are supported by all parties involved.

By far, the manufacturers do not comply with all requirements in the WG-6, which is probably also sometimes good. The influence of the EHPU (Association of European pilots associations) is already considerable. The convener of the WG-6 is also Chairman of the EHPU Airworthiness Committee.

The EN standardization is consensus work. The more sad, if one federation regularly steps out of this consensus to make its own thing! This is not only against the EN-Standard they also had worked on, this is also against the EHPU and this for against the pilots and manufacturer.
Every day more than 4 dozen test pilots, constructors and designers of the PMA members work to minimize the risks of paragliding, give pilots a better feeling in use and optimize the performance of the equipment.

there is only ONE Standard necessary for the safety of paraglider - PMA supports the EN-Standard and the work of the WG-6 - Thanks to all the experts for their not paid free working hours to support the safety!


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New PMA  board of directors for the next 3 Years

President: Hannes Papesh (PHI)

Vive-President: Laurent Chiabaut (Supair)

CFO: Günther Wörl (Swing)

Secretary: Guido Reusch (GRC)


For more detail please see the MoM 2017

EU General Data Protection Regulation

As part of the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation, a few pointers to the readers of pma website.
On 25 May, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation enters into force. As a result, websites like the one of pma also need to better inform their readers about which user data is collected and potentially stored around the site. That is why the pma now has its own privacy policy in addition and as part to the imprint.

Simply put, because the pma-website  is an open site, without registration or similar, it can be used largely anonymously. However, one should be aware that, as with all activities on the Internet, it still leaves its mark. If you do not want to do that, you should refrain from reading pma-website (but then probably for any other use of the Internet).

The usual traces (for example, cookies) are not personal.
Something more leaves behind, who in any way interacts with offers integrated on the pma website; and again more who is logged in at the same time on his Google, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo or Twitter account. So if you start a video embedded on the pma website from Youtube or Vimeo, who clicks the Facebook or Twitter button, is captured and stored by the corresponding servers of these providers. The pma has no influence on what happens with this information. Here the privacy statements of the respective services apply.

PMA meets test houses

On 5 December 2017, after a number of years, a direct meeting with the 3 accredited test houses will take place on the invitation of the PMA Executive Board at Bregenz.
The participants want to share their experiences regarding the accreditation and discuss the possible innovations for the EN certification at all.

Guido Reusch, Color photo

The PMA has elected Guido Reusch to succeed Hans Bausenwein as new secretary at the annual meeting in St. Hilaire .
The PMA members are thanking the long-standing CEO Hans Bausenwein for his work and...

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